eLetter is a powerful marketing tool

Email newsletter has become more and more popular as it provides you with a complete end to end mail solution to acquire customers and lessen costs. With eLetter you can easily target to certain groups, personalize messages and track how your messages have been received.


eLetter service makes newsletter creation fast and simple. Versatile possibilities offer varied outcome and easy changing of text to your letters.


Use dynamic properties: add a personalized message with receiver name or make totally personalized messages to a limited group.

Ready made models

You can use ready made models and refine those with your personal touch and your company style.

Unlimited amount of eLetters

There is no limit to amount of messages you send. Unlimited contact list properties and unlimited contacts are included in our service.

Versatile tracking properties to achieve after-sales support

eLetter service can:

  • track who read your letter and what time it was
  • track which and how many times your links have been clicked
  • offer automated eLetter order service to your web pages

Facebook ja Twitter

Add social media as part of your marketing.

Send attachment files

Send easily your media cards, offers and catalogue as attachments with you eLetter.

Compare the results

You can compare your eLetter campaign success i.e. sending 10 % of eLetters with one title and other 10 % with alternative title. The more successful eLetter then gets automatically selected for the remaining campaign group.

Include RSS feed

You can add dynamic properties to eLetter also as RSS feed.