Equipment storage service

Image World equipment storage service offers Your computer equipment safe, guarded, airconditioned and server use designed place. Our equipment storage is placed into old bank vault in our Kuopio office at Niiralankatu 16, 70600 KUOPIO.

Server equipment is connected to internet using secured fixed IP address and continuous electricity can be guaranteed with UPS system. All servers are provided with necessary amount of IP addresses and reverse name service.

Your own server equipment gives Your company an additional possibility to implement software which is too excessive for normal web hotel use and also to use Your own server software.

We provide versatile security service (camera and electronic surveillance, security guards, server monitoring, backup copying and maintenance) for Your servers.

Internet Access

Server will be connected to shared 10 MBit/s access. All ports are at use into both directions.

Please contact our sales and reserve a time when You can bring Your server to our vault or when You can send Your equipment to us. We will provide You with all necessary IP address and other data to ease the implementation phase.